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Mental Health Tips for the Quarantine

Mental Health Tips for the Quarantine

Your own health and that of those close to you, adaptation to telework or the economic difficulties of unemployment. In this scenario of so much uncertainty, a reflection is necessary. It is hard, but it only remains to get ahead.

The news and newspapers have repeatedly pointed this out over the weeks. The numbers and authors of the reports vary, but not the main conclusion: the confinement is affecting our mental health.

Tips for protecting your mental health

It is not a surprise, on the other hand, but rather quite logical in this situation. Our entire reality has been shaken very strongly from top to bottom, suddenly and without warning. The lifestyle we knew has changed abruptly. Some carry it better than others, like any circumstance, but, without a doubt, this change influences the mood of all.

The World Economic Forum is concerned with this global problem. They were already concerned about mental health before the quarantine, but now it is more evident. Therefore, to help alleviate this discomfort, they publish practical advice on their website, from the hand of 7Chairs, a specialized organization.

Take advantage of technology to connect with others in real-time

We know very well that new technologies are not good or bad, but depend on how we use them. The addiction to social networks and the Internet, sometimes, makes us lose real contact with people, which is negative, but good use of them brings us multiple benefits and facilities.

Now, for example, technology allows us to connect with loved ones who are physically far away. There are numerous tools to make video calls, very easy to use. Spending real-time with others, even though a screen, is positive.

Open up and share how you feel

This point is more complex. There are people who find it more difficult to share their feelings and others who, on the contrary, do it with ease and pleasure. For those who have a hard time this tip is addressed: share a feeling a day with someone close. Maybe you think it is silly, but from the organization, they assure that it works and helps to improve the mood. Externalizing our experience reduces stress and anxiety

Empathize and ask others how they feel

In the same way that expressing ourselves frees and connects us with other people, listening to them brings us closer to them and allows them to let off steam; a reciprocal and natural benefit. By asking others, we come out of ourselves, developing humility, empathy and compassion. This reduces stress and anxiety.

Contact other people who live your same experiences

If you consider that you need other stimuli to ease your mood, there are groups of people who share their experiences as a forum. Among the advice that 7Chairs provides us to strengthen our mental health, this quarantine goes beyond daily contacts, with friends and family.

You may want to try this alternative. From the institution, they assure that connecting with like-minded people helps a lot to manage stress. They may well be your usual contacts or also these small communities created to share ideas, experiences and projects.

Take care of yourself: eat and stay fit

We add one last tip to the list, very important as well. It is also logical, but sometimes we forget. Eating healthy has benefits in our mental and psychological state. Take care of your diet, that is balanced and accompany it with physical exercise. It also affects our stress and helps reduce it, increasing our sense of well-being.

We encourage you to do it the way you prefer, but if you are interested, here you can learn how to play sports from home with the #SeguimosConectados App, available on the Movistar + main menu. You will find, every day, guided exercises for runners and yoga and meditation stretches.

We hope that these keys serve you well. As you know, the current quarantine situation will not last forever and we will come out, as has been said, reinforced. Stay busy and if you want, take the opportunity to do pending tasks. If we focus on looking well, everything has, even the bad, its positive side.