How to Take Part in Krogerfeedback Survey?

How to Take Part in Krogerfeedback Survey?

Kroger is the American grocery store that is very popular amongst its customers. To enhance the customer experience in the store and to improve the overall customer satisfaction and service quality Kroger has launched their feedback survey platform called krogerfeedback. This is the feedback survey platform that allows the customers to participate and enjoy the Sweepstakes Survey benefits, which include gift cards and fuel points. S, by participating in the survey, the customers can get up to $ 5000 gift cards and over 50 bonus fuel points. Let us know more about the survey platform by Kroger.

krogerfeedback survey

Krogerfeedback survey is the best way to share your experience with the store. This not only helps you to win rewards and gift cards use but also enables the grocery store to enhance their overall service quality. This helps in improving the customer satisfaction rate. They ensure that all survey details and feedbacks are taken seriously to offer you optimal and quality services when you visit them next time.

How to Take Part in Krogerfeedback Survey?

  • For participating in the survey KrogerFeedback, Log in at
  • Enter the date and time of the visit, and also enter the “Entry ID” that is listed in your purchase receipt.
  • Now, you will need to answer the question that is displayed on the website.
  • You have to provide your valuable ratings from 1 to 10.
  • Provide overall satisfaction with Kroger during your last visit to the store.
  • Evaluate cleanliness, friendliness of staff, overall environment, etc
  • Also rate the availability of goods, the quality of the purchased goods, the total cost of the paid price, and the accuracy of your order.
  • Did you face any problem visiting the store? Click “Yes” to write a detailed complaint about these services at
  • Please rate your chances to visit the store again within the next 30 days.
  • Also, submit some information to win the prize.
  • Congratulations! You are now eligible to win the unique validation code to redeem Kroger’s 50 fuel points in balance and you have also entered the lottery to win the Kroger Gift Card balance of $ 5000.


  • If you are a legal US resident and you are beyond 18 years old, congratulations, you are eligible to participate in the sweepstakes.
  • You don’t have to make a purchase to enter. You can enter through the free method.
  • There is no limit to the number the entry. So enter every day to gain the highest possibility of a win.
  • You can get at most one prize during the sweepstakes period.
  • Full eligibility and requirements are stated in the Kroger Customer Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules.
What are thermal cameras?

What are thermal cameras?

At last, it seems that we are heading towards what they call the “new normal”. A somewhat different stage, in which physical contact is limited and in which we will be forced to pose in front of thermal cameras to take our temperature. From now on, we will have to get used to being pointed with a kind of barcode reader to check if we have a fever. These small devices are called thermal cameras and will be part of our day today for a while.

thermal cameras

Since the de-escalation began, it is common to see lines of people waiting in front of the entrance of work centres, in train stations and in stores. They all wait to be told if they are fit or not to enter, that is, if they have a fever or not. One of the clearest symptoms of Covid-19 is the rise in temperature of the person. Thus, many spaces have been made with thermal cameras to “control” who is healthy and who could be infected.

The thermal imagers are devices which thanks to emitting radiation humans (and all objects) and an optical system, are able to assign each colour thermal value and transform it into an image. Thus, you can see how hot a person is.

The higher the temperature of the individual, the more radiation they will emit, and that in the image translates into warm colours. That is, the more yellow/orange there is on the screen, the higher the temperature of the person.

Where is the Limit of Having or Not Having a Fever?

Many people say that their usual temperature is 37ºC, while for others it is normal not to rise above 36ºC. With thermal cameras, the procedure that is followed is as follows: the average temperature of the group is calculated and 1ºC is added. If someone exceeds that number it could be a case of fever.

If this circumstance occurs, the person is placed in isolation and their temperature is taken individually with a thermometer. Only then could it be confirmed that it does indeed have tenths.

Is the use of Thermal Cameras Legal?

The processing of personal data, and more so if it is about health data, is something especially delicate. Thus, this new rule is raising doubts and some inconveniences.

However, the general data protection regulation states that in exceptional situations such as a pandemic, the use and knowledge of personal (and health) data are lawful. As long as they are necessary to protect people’s lives.

Access PerYourHealth Account To Pay Bills

Access PerYourHealth Account To Pay Bills

The PerYourHealth account is an online portal that you can access to pay your bills online, anytime, from anywhere. To create Per Your Health review we checked reputation at lots of sites. We found that Peryourhealth is safe for children and does not look fraudulent. We would describe it as legit.

peryourhealth portal

Emdeon Business Services keeps it trustworthy. Please be warned that to describe security status of we use data openly available on the Web, thus we cannot guarantee that no scam sites might have been mistakenly considered legit and no fraud or PC issues may occur in this regard. But usually, the crowdsourced data we have is pretty accurate. Let’s see it below.


The PerYourHealth account is an online portal that you can access to pay your bills online, anytime, from anywhere. To access this online account, you can check this you need to use your registered user id or your account number that is available on your billing statement. Your account number is the one that you have got from the administration of Change Healthcare Company. This online portal is not only a fast way to pay bills, but it also brings a lot of convenience with it. If you have recently received your account number from the company administration, then this guide will show you how you can access your online account for making online payments.


The following are the advantages a user may experience when you opt to make your hospital bill payments through Per Your Health bill payment services either online at or through phone:

  • PerYourHealth bill payment services are safe and secure to make your bill payments and share your payment details.
  • The bill payment service by Per Your Health can be completed either online at or through the phone.
  • The bill payment process is very simple and easy to understand.
  • There are not more options provided at to avoid confusing the users.
  • The bill payments can be done through credit card or debit card of Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You can also opt to pay by providing your banking or checking details through online checking or banking.
  • The PerYourHealth bill payment services can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  • The Per Your Health services provide the bill payers to make the payments from their comfortable place at a convenient time.
  • The bill payment process is made easy, fast and safe by
  • The above points provide the significance of the PerYourHealth online payment system. There have been some PerYourHealth complaints regarding the payment portal. This might occur due to some unfortunate conditions when the servers get busy or there is an issue with them.
How to Convert Water and Sunlight Into Hydrogen

How to Convert Water and Sunlight Into Hydrogen

A team of scientists has developed a method to obtain hydrogen with water and sunlight, a milestone for the use of this gas as an energy vector. Obtaining hydrogen with water is one of the great ambitions of experts who explore the energy possibilities of this gas. Electrolysis, the separation of the molecule from water, is the preferred route. For being more environmentally sustainable. Although from an economic point of view, methane reforming is usually the preferred production method.

Solar Hydrogen

What a prototype arises from Rice University, Texas, is a kind of evolution of electrolysis. The chemical reaction process is the same. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms are separated. But it is also done with the direct help of sunlight.

The device these scientists have created consists of perovskite electrodes and solar panels, considered more effective than silicon. This module is inserted into the auga and is capable of converting energy from sunlight to hydrogen with an efficiency of up to 6.7%.

In reality, what happens is that solar panels absorb energy from the sun. This is converted into electricity, which drives the electrochemical reaction to generate hydrogen. Catalytic electrodes are responsible for separating oxygen from hydrogen.

To protect solar panels from water, they have been covered with a polymer that lets sunlight through. This ensures that perovskite continues to collect energy from the sun.

Clean Hydrogen

Researchers have not only thought about extracting hydrogen. Oxygen could also be obtained and destined for commercial use. Although the main objective is energy storage and this is only achieved with hydrogen gas under pressure.

The hydrogen economy, the one that bases its operation on the use of fuel cells, needs significant advances to start. According to this scheme, it is expected that not only cars will be based on gas under pressure, but also other transport and some industries. However, there is still a long way to go to make hydrogen a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest obstacles is the inability to achieve efficient electrolysis. Only through this method and only when it receives the necessary energy contribution from renewable energies can it be considered a clean process. Meanwhile, hydrocarbon reform offers only a partially valid solution.

The Role of Video Games in Creating Initiatives

The Role of Video Games in Creating Initiatives

Video games are always associated with the recreational field, but very few know that some video games have been helpful for disease research or other projects. No one imagined the relationship between these concepts until now.

Video Games

We all know that computers have become a very important tool for processing data and solving problems. And as a result of these video game consoles arise, and with them, the industry is born that has grown exponentially in recent decades.

Adrien Trouille, a scientist at Streamlight, recently went on to say that if players “in addition to passing screens, contribute their brainpower to the scientific community, great strides would be made.” And he is right, for that reason, video games have emerged that are part of initiatives.

A video game against the coronavirus fight

In these turbulent times, where little by little we are returning to normal within the possible parameters, video games have also contributed their bit to combat this virus that has caused and is causing, great damage to the world population.

In this case, there are two video games that are part of initiatives that aim to achieve a cure for COVID-19, we are referring to Foldit and EteRNA.

Foldit is a kind of three-dimensional puzzle game that can be played online with other players. It is free and available on Linux, MAC and Windows. What is special about this title? The answer is that its mechanics are based on the construction of DNA and, depending on the structure we create, we can generate diseases or help to combat them.

Behind Foldit is the University of Washington that launched this game in 2008 and, three years later, the players managed to decipher the protein from the Mason-Pfizer virus, a virus that is similar to HIV, and that opened up new avenues for AIDS research.

Since March, a new puzzle has been available to search for a solution to the new coronavirus, and more than 50,000 new players have registered to contribute to this challenge.

On the other hand, in 2011 the video game EteRNA appears. In this case, the game is to create RNA molecules.

RNA is intended to form the genetic code for viruses. It can also help in the investigation of COVID-19 and, therefore, they have launched the EteRNA – Corona Puzzle in order to find strategies and get an antiviral.

Videogames unite in the discovery of exoplanets
Video games that are part of initiatives are not only focused on fighting diseases, they are also part of exoplanet research.

An example of this is EVE Online, a massive online multiplayer video game set in science fiction. Players have the opportunity to meet real exoplanets digitally and contribute directly to science as in previous cases.

On this occasion, the project was promoted by the startup Massively Multiplayer Online Science, and the Universities of Geneva and Reykjavik.

No one would think that video games can become as essential as these cases. Ready to contribute to science? Take the controls of your console for it.

Mental Health Tips for the Quarantine

Mental Health Tips for the Quarantine

Your own health and that of those close to you, adaptation to telework or the economic difficulties of unemployment. In this scenario of so much uncertainty, a reflection is necessary. It is hard, but it only remains to get ahead.

The news and newspapers have repeatedly pointed this out over the weeks. The numbers and authors of the reports vary, but not the main conclusion: the confinement is affecting our mental health.

Tips for protecting your mental health

It is not a surprise, on the other hand, but rather quite logical in this situation. Our entire reality has been shaken very strongly from top to bottom, suddenly and without warning. The lifestyle we knew has changed abruptly. Some carry it better than others, like any circumstance, but, without a doubt, this change influences the mood of all.

The World Economic Forum is concerned with this global problem. They were already concerned about mental health before the quarantine, but now it is more evident. Therefore, to help alleviate this discomfort, they publish practical advice on their website, from the hand of 7Chairs, a specialized organization.

Take advantage of technology to connect with others in real-time

We know very well that new technologies are not good or bad, but depend on how we use them. The addiction to social networks and the Internet, sometimes, makes us lose real contact with people, which is negative, but good use of them brings us multiple benefits and facilities.

Now, for example, technology allows us to connect with loved ones who are physically far away. There are numerous tools to make video calls, very easy to use. Spending real-time with others, even though a screen, is positive.

Open up and share how you feel

This point is more complex. There are people who find it more difficult to share their feelings and others who, on the contrary, do it with ease and pleasure. For those who have a hard time this tip is addressed: share a feeling a day with someone close. Maybe you think it is silly, but from the organization, they assure that it works and helps to improve the mood. Externalizing our experience reduces stress and anxiety

Empathize and ask others how they feel

In the same way that expressing ourselves frees and connects us with other people, listening to them brings us closer to them and allows them to let off steam; a reciprocal and natural benefit. By asking others, we come out of ourselves, developing humility, empathy and compassion. This reduces stress and anxiety.

Contact other people who live your same experiences

If you consider that you need other stimuli to ease your mood, there are groups of people who share their experiences as a forum. Among the advice that 7Chairs provides us to strengthen our mental health, this quarantine goes beyond daily contacts, with friends and family.

You may want to try this alternative. From the institution, they assure that connecting with like-minded people helps a lot to manage stress. They may well be your usual contacts or also these small communities created to share ideas, experiences and projects.

Take care of yourself: eat and stay fit

We add one last tip to the list, very important as well. It is also logical, but sometimes we forget. Eating healthy has benefits in our mental and psychological state. Take care of your diet, that is balanced and accompany it with physical exercise. It also affects our stress and helps reduce it, increasing our sense of well-being.

We encourage you to do it the way you prefer, but if you are interested, here you can learn how to play sports from home with the #SeguimosConectados App, available on the Movistar + main menu. You will find, every day, guided exercises for runners and yoga and meditation stretches.

We hope that these keys serve you well. As you know, the current quarantine situation will not last forever and we will come out, as has been said, reinforced. Stay busy and if you want, take the opportunity to do pending tasks. If we focus on looking well, everything has, even the bad, its positive side.

Wind Turbines are Made of Wood

Wind Turbines are Made of Wood

Wind energy has not only expanded enormously in recent years. It has also evolved on a technical level. The structures are taller and the blades are bigger. All this makes the generation capacity greater. But there is another way in the evolution of these wind giants. In Sweden, they have started testing it. This is the wooden wind turbines.

Wood Wind Turbines

Moving, known for its engineering solutions for wind energy, has installed the first of the upcoming wooden wind turbines. These are infrastructures similar to those that can be seen in the fields today, but their construction has been made of wood. In this way, they are more sustainable and also cheaper.

The Modvion wind turbine is a prototype and is located on an island relatively close to the city of Gothenburg. It is 30 meters high and is built entirely of wood. Among the advantages this has is the reduction of emissions at the time of manufacturing. The steel production process is considerably more polluting. As for these new structures, they can be manufactured with zero emissions from the start.

Another of the facilities of wood compared to steel is transportation. Typically, steel structures are made in huge pieces. This means that taking them from the factory to the installation site requires a complicated journey on the road. And it is that these gigantic pieces often do not meet the road transport criteria, due to their weight or size. However, woodwind turbines can be produced modularly. So each segment can be much smaller.

Greener structures compared to traditional

The first of the wooden wind turbines were installed in Germany eight years ago. It was a small project, but the tower reached 100 meters in height and was capable of generating 1.5 MW. The diameter was 77 meters and the weight of the structure was 91 tons.

The numbers have nothing to do with the records of traditional wind turbines. Precisely in Germany, the tallest tower, almost 250 meters high, was installed. The project cost 70 million euros and year after year it will report 6.5 million. Even the most modern wooden towers to be installed in Sweden do not reach similar figures. Modvion plans to install the first commercial versions in 2022. There will be one 110 meters high and another ten 150 meters high.

Possibly these structures will eventually become substantial support for the joint European effort. The old continent has the capacity to be self-sufficient only with wind energy and wood is a more sustainable material to fill the mill fields.